Artist Feature: Shelley Brown

We asked flutist Shelley Brown a few questions, so you can get to know her now and hear her play at Belfountain Music Festival concerts on August 16th and 17th!

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Shelley Brown, flutist

BMF: What is one tip you would have told your 14-year-old self about music?

SB: That practicing is important but listening is even more important. Listen to all kinds of music, all different types of players on all different instruments.  Absorb everything possible and be curious.

BMF: What is the coolest/most memorable venue you have performed in?

Royal Albert Hall for the Prom concerts when I was 16 with an International Youth Orchestra Festival Orchestra.  My first time with a proper orchestra, we only had a Wind Ensemble program at my high school.

Shelley with her dog, Ruby

BMF: What is the last piece of music you performed and what did you love about it?

SB: Technically, it was the soundtrack to Ghostbusters so maybe not a lot to say I loved about it other than how much fun the audience had!  But before that, it would have been a piece written for Echo Chamber by my best friend Renee Rosnes.  I love that it was a very cool piece, that there were dancers with us and that I was playing it with some of my most favourite musicians and friends.  It rarely gets better than that!

BMF: How do you stay sharp in your performance career?

SB: By challenging myself with solo and chamber repertoire and performances outside of my normal comfort zone of opera and ballet.

Shelley with one of her horses, Santiago

BMF: Do you have a specific routine for your musical practice (or outside of music) that helps you stay on track and performing at your best?

SB: Haha!  No. I’m not that good with routine.  I practice when I want to and when I need to and then I ride my horses for balance in my life.  Both my dog and my horses force me into more of a routine that I ever had through practicing the flute.

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